Why You Should Join

APT US&C is dedicated to providing quality education to its members in a number of diverse ways.

  • The foremost accreditation that APT US&C provides is the Certified Public Finance Administrator (CPFA). To be accredited as a CPFA or Advanced CPFA, an individual must be a member for at least two years preceding application and accomplish a host of experience, education, and training in treasury-related subjects. Get more info
  • Additional training certifications include the Certified Public Funds Investment Manager (CPFIM) and Advanced CPFIM, and training courses on cash handling, cash flow analysis, internal controls, debt policy development, and fraud prevention. Training manuals are also available. Get more info
  • Review your organization’s policies for certification or provide feedback on suggested changes to bring your policy into alignment with APT US&C recommended best practices. Get more info
  • Each year, APT US&C's Annual Conference serves as a summit on public treasury and finance, including a vast array of educational, networking, and training opportunities. Members receive significant savings on conference and related registration. Get more info.