Cash Handling Training

Front Line Cash Handling Training

Front line cash handling training is a two hour online training offered about once a quarter. Training is exactly what all your cash handlers need in order to understand the responsibilities and risks of accepting payments and processing transactions for your organization. Attendees will learn:

•Best practices for accepting all forms of payment
•Identifying counterfeit currency
•The importance of customer service
• Minimizing risk and enhancing security

Designed for all cash handlers who work in your office or at remote locations throughout your organization. The training is an online, interactive webinar. All attendees are required to take a quick quiz/review in order to receive their certificate of completion. View the calendar on the right of this page for upcoming training sessions.

Cash Handling for Treasury Personnel 

This cash handling training is a three hour session that includes the material in the Front Line Cash Handling training but also goes a bit deeper into the hows and whys that a supervisor or manager needs to know. This training is offered online as an interactive webinar but can also be offered as an in-person training. In-person training is typically for groups of 50 or more attendees and is a great training session to incorporate into your regional- or state-level conference. Contact us at [email protected] for pricing and more details.

Cash Handling Manual 

The APT US&C cash handling manual contains the essentials for developing a training program and cash handling manual for your government; includes training modules, glossary of terms, and sample cash handling legislation. Order online here; manual is included with the "Cash Handling for Treasury Personnel" training as either a printed or electronic version.