On-Site Training

APT US&C has a group of trainers that provide training sessions at your event or specialized training session. Half day sessions on cash handling and internal controls are available for your organization; training manuals and certificates of completion are provided as part of the training. A minimum of 50 attendees is required, but there is no maximum limit allowed by APT US&C. Training cost is determined on a per person basis and includes training, manual, certificate of completion, speaker fee and travel expenses. A portion of the expense is required as a deposit prior to the training and the balance is due following the training. APT US&C wants to work with you and your organization to make sure your employees receive the quality training they need!

Cash Handling Program: This is a four-hour training program for public treasurers, clerks, and cash handlers to provide best practices and procedures to manage risk while handling and processing cash. Interested in having a cash handling training at your location? Fill out this form

Internal Controls: This is a four-hour training program designed to assist treasury and finance officers in assessing, documenting and enhancing their internal control environment. Participants will learn how to develop an internal control policy and utilize internal control checklists to draft narratives and flowcharts that outline an entity's control environment. Fill out this form if you're interested in having an internal controls training at your location. Objectives for the Internal Controls training include the following:

  • Develop a clear understanding of an effective internal control system.
  • Provide an understanding of management’s responsibility in creating an environment to achieve strong internal controls procedures and practices.
  • Provide an understanding of employees’ responsibility to comply with procedures and practices.
  • Offer insight to identify, assess and manage risks
  • Provide support tools to establish, document, monitor and adhere to internal controls procedures.
  • Provide a road map to develop an effective internal control system to
  • Protect the effectiveness and efficiency of operations
  • Support the reliability of financial reporting
  • Ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations
Certified Public Finance Investment Manager (CPFIM):  Scheduled throughout the U.S. approximately four times a year. This is a six-hour nationally recognized certification training with a two-hour exam taken the following day. The program is designed to provide the confidence and knowledge to manage investments better. Participants will learn about investment instruments, banks, brokers and advisors, cash flow, governance and investment policies, safety, liquidity and yield and defining strategy. Requires a minimum of 15 attendees, training cost is determined on a per person basis and includes training, materials, certification plaque (presented at the APT US&C National Conference), speaker fee and travel expenses. View our event schedule to see when the next CPFIM and ACPFIM classes are scheduled. 

The Association is working to add additional instructors to provide fraud prevention, debt policy development, and cash flow forecasting sessions in the near future. If you are interested in becoming an APT US&C trainer, please let us know.