CPFIM and ACPFIM Re-Certification

The CPFIM and ACPFIM designations are a five-year certification which must be renewed every five years by meeting the following guidelines. An applicant for CPFIM/ACPFIM Recertification must:

  1. Believe in and practice APT US&C’s Code of Ethics (as adopted).
  2. Demonstrate 35 points in a combination of experience and education in the five years since their last certification (see point overview).
  3. Submit a non-refundable fee ($125 for APT US&C Members; $175 for non-APT US&C members). The application fee will be waived for the second submission if the first attempt at re-certification is unsuccessful. The fee includes application processing and a new certification plaque/insert.

Find the complete policy here. Since re-certification is a new APT US&C policy, the following time frame for current CPFIM/ACPFIM holders to re-certify is:

  • 2019 recipients will need to re-certify in 2024*
  • 2017 and 2018 recipients will need to re-certify in 2023*
  • 2016 and earlier recipients will need to re-certify in 2022* 

Guidelines allow for everyone to use the last five years of experience and education points to count toward their re-certification; thus, 2022 renewals can go back to 2017 for their points. *Applications must be submitted by June 1 to be recognized at the Annual Conference. If a certification expires and the holder does not renew, that individual will no longer be recognized as a CPFIM or ACPFIM. The re-certification application will be available online.

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